I won’t migrate to Google Play

At least not today. Why?

Google appears to be utilizing a very similar structure to that of Apple iTunes store: integrate Google Play into all Google devices, making consumers reliant on them for their music, video & reading content.

Here is the problem:┬áMy mental model isn’t there. Why?

  1. While Google provides a lot, they are still a search engine. I will use it to find the best price on the content that I am looking for. I will not trust that Google automatically has the best price and is essentially advertising to me.
  2. I own an AppleTV, MacBook, iPad and one Android device. I plan to rid of that Android device in the next 6 months, in favor of Apple. Now, I realize I’m not in the majority. Android is taking over the market, but I for one do not see any compelling reason to make a switch. I already have a lot invested in Apple. Their products are integrated into my daily routine. What about others like me? We still make up a pretty big share of the market.

What would make me consider a switch?

If Google packaged together the services they’re good at in a way that can more easily be incorporated into my daily activities. Google should be a necessity to my daily routine.

How do you feel about this topic? Please tell me.

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